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Unraveling Truths: Debunking Myths About Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is famous worldwide, with its flavors and dishes influencing culinary arts across the globe. Yet, as widespread as it is, numerous misconceptions persist. Here at Bosino, located at 201 West 103rd Street in New York City, we're committed to honoring and preserving the authenticity of our cuisine while educating our beloved customers about the truths of Italian cooking.

Firstly, the common perception that Italian food equates to an abundance of garlic and cheese is a myth. True Italian cuisine values the quality of ingredients over quantity, with the use of garlic and cheese being restrained and strategic.

Secondly, it's a misconception that Alfredo sauce is a staple in Italy. In reality, this creamy sauce is more American than Italian and is seldom found in traditional Italian kitchens.

Also, contrary to popular belief, spaghetti and meatballs as a single dish is not an Italian original. While meatballs, or 'polpette,' do exist in Italy, they're typically served on their own or with a light sauce, not with pasta.

Lastly, we have the myth that all Italian pizzas have thick, bread-like crusts. This isn't true - pizza styles vary across Italy, with the pizza crust in places like Naples being quite thin and soft.

At Bosino, we pride ourselves on serving genuine Italian dishes that adhere to traditional recipes and methods. We welcome you to join us and debunk these myths while savoring our delectable Italian offerings.

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