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The Art of the Bake: Bosino's Brick Oven Advantage

At Bosino Italian Pizza Restaurant, our heart beats in rhythm with the warmth of our brick oven. Nestled at 201 West 103rd Street in New York City, we take pride in delivering authentic Italian pizzas, and our brick oven is our secret weapon.

So, what sets a brick oven apart from a traditional one? It all lies in the heat. A brick oven provides consistent high heat, a feature crucial to achieving the crispy crust and evenly melted cheese that are the hallmarks of a perfect pizza. The high temperatures, reaching up to 800°F, ensure a speedy cook, locking in fresh flavors and lending a unique charred finish to the crust.

While traditional ovens have their place in the culinary world, they simply cannot match the unique characteristics a brick oven provides. The nature of heat conduction in a brick oven is different, making it an ideal environment for pizza dough to puff up quickly and beautifully, yielding a crispy exterior and a tender interior.

But the magic of our brick oven at Bosino extends beyond just the mechanics. It's about the spectacle and the tradition. There's something genuinely captivating about watching your pizza being pulled from the heart of a glowing oven, the cheese bubbling and the crust golden.

At Bosino, our brick oven doesn't just bake pizza; it creates an experience. The scent of fresh dough crisping, the sight of ingredients roasting to perfection, and the taste of a slice right out of the brick oven - it's a sensory delight that makes dining at Bosino an unforgettable experience.

We invite you to discover the Bosino difference at 201 West 103rd Street, New York City. Come and witness how the timeless art of brick oven baking can transform the humble pizza into an experience of Italian authenticity.

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Ellen Sorrin
Ellen Sorrin
01 sep. 2023

I have been to many restaurants in the city, and Bosino's is my favorite. From Davide and his staff, who are all first-rate, to the delicious food, it is my first stop for fine dining in the city. But shhh, don't broadcast it because it's a small place and I always want to get a reservation! The best! Thank you, Davide.

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