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Experience Napoli Right in New York with Bosino's Authentic Pizza Napoletana

Experience the true flavor of Naples right here in New York with our authentically crafted Pizza Napoletana. 🍕 Made with the highest quality ingredients, our pizza captures the essence of traditional Italian cuisine. Savour the perfect balance of a delicate, soft dough base, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, anchovies and oregano. A true classic that never goes out of style! 🇮🇹

Swing by Bosino at 201 West 103rd Street, New York, NY and allow us to transport you to the heart of Italy with every bite. Nothing spells comfort like a hot, fresh, and delicious Pizza Napoletana crafted with love. ❤️ We're excited to serve you a piece of Italy's rich culinary heritage. 📍

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