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Experience Al Fresco Dining at Bosino: New York's Premier Outdoor Italian Pizza Destination

Bosino, the beloved Italian pizza restaurant located in 201 west 103 street, New York, is excited to invite you to enjoy our unique outdoor dining experience. Savor the taste of authentic Italian cuisine, including our famous oven-fired pizzas, while basking in the vibrant atmosphere of our al fresco dining area.

There's nothing quite like dining outdoors, surrounded by the bustling energy of New York City. At Bosino, we've created a welcoming outdoor space where you can indulge in your favorite Italian dishes, while soaking up the sights and sounds of the city.

Our outdoor dining area has been thoughtfully designed with comfort and style in mind. Lush greenery and stylish furniture create a cozy, inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal with friends or family. With ample seating and heating options, our al fresco dining experience can be enjoyed all year round.

Bosino's menu offers a delightful selection of Italian classics, from our mouthwatering oven-fired pizzas to delicious homemade pasta, risotto, and delectable Italian desserts. Our chefs use the freshest ingredients and traditional techniques, ensuring an authentic Italian dining experience.

Whether it's a romantic dinner under the stars, a casual lunch with colleagues, or a fun night out with friends, Bosino's outdoor dining experience is the perfect destination for creating unforgettable memories.

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