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Bosino's Alfresco Dining: Experience Italian Cuisine under the Starlit New York Sky

The pleasure of dining outdoors is a simple yet profound joy. At Bosino Italian Pizza Restaurant, we bring this joy to life in the heart of the Upper West Side, at 201 West 103rd Street, New York City.

Our alfresco dining setup, with its warm ambiance, intimate seating, and delightful view of the bustling city, offers a unique setting to savor our authentic Italian fare under the open New York sky.

Bosino's outdoor dining area is not just a seating arrangement; it's an experience. The gentle rustle of the city's heartbeat blends harmoniously with the clinking of cutlery and murmurs of satisfaction as patrons dive into our diverse menu. From our heavenly pizzas to our traditional antipasti, every dish becomes an adventure to be savored amidst the city's energy.

Our staff, upholding Italian hospitality, ensures that every outdoor dining experience at Bosino is comfortable and memorable. With their knowledge of our menu and their attentive service, they guide each guest through an unforgettable culinary journey, under the starlit city sky.

Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner date, a catch-up session with old friends, or a solo venture into the rich flavors of Italy, Bosino's outdoor dining experience awaits you. We invite you to join us at 201 West 103rd Street, New York City, to taste Italian cuisine as you've never tasted it before—under the open sky of the vibrant city.

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